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Ever tried taking a cat photo and had trouble getting the kitty's attention?CatPix is a camera app developed by a cat lover for cat lovers. When you want to take a picture of a cat, simply use CatPix to play one of the provided sounds to attract the cat's attention. Once the cat is looking into the camera, just hit the trigger button and CatPix will take the shot using your device's built-in camera!
Three easy steps...1. Sound SettingChoose the sound to use for attracting cats' attention. You can also select "Random" for more of a surprise moment.2. Cat Camera ModeUse the camera mode to play the previously selected sound and take the picture when ready.3. Saving the Cat PictureThe picture is automatically saved into the device's Gallery CatPix folder.
Application ConsiderationsThe sound volume can be changed through Media Volume in the device Settings.Some cats may not react to CatPix.